Summary: Getting all warm and cozy with nutrition.

Nutrition is an overused word as much as Princess Diana was most photographed. It is something that is so important, yet, we know so little about. It is something that has been spent so many years on in studies, yet, given nothing more than a smirk by some people.

Nutrition is a subject that hasn’t been given enough thought by most. In a world where time is of essence, few dare to stop and think about health-related issues. Unfortunately, awareness on the proper nutrition is as essential as breathing. It influences our thoughts, feelings and overall well-being.

Knowing what we eat and how it affects us will help in improving ourselves in any aspect: health, career, family life, and our relationships with everyone as well. Proper nutrition dictates the state of one’s body and how well it functions. Improper or malnutrition can dull one’s intellect and sucks the health and well-being of the person. It is also one of the reasons for most child deaths all over the world.

Presence of malnutrition can be assessed when the food intake of the person does not serve its purpose in the body. Furthermore, each individual has a different nutritional requirement. The kind of foods that you need may be entirely different from what your brother or sister needs. Your nutritional requirements are influenced by your genes, the activities you engage in, your state of being, and your environment.

Most common nutrition-related problems resulted from a diet plan that was not properly followed or from the non-conformity of a good diet scheme. The quality of the foods and their preparations are great factors that affect your state of health as well as that of your family. Nutrition does not stop on eating the right stuff in the right amounts. Storing of foods, preparing them, and the manner by which you give them to your family will also influence their health.

Nutrition awareness start way before a child is born. From the womb, the mother is supposed to take in healthy foods for the baby’s normal development. Feeding infants in the most sanitized way is as crucial as breastfeeding them right from birth. Good nutrition early on, helps the children grow as healthy and able persons. UNICEF and other concerned agencies have worked hard over the years to educate people on proper nutrition to let each person, especially the children, get the best in life.

Some people actually go out of their way to rid of their bodies with the nutrient it needs. Smoking and alcohol abuse as well as crash diets work well against proper nutrition. The next time you see a malnourished person in the news with the ribcages looking like they’re about to fall out, this might just get you to thinking. And if it still doesn’t get more than a raised eyebrow from you, I have no idea what else will.