Edible Balance-Four Sigma Foods Bundle

One last hurrah… Four Sigma Foods surprise giveaway!

Oh friends, I couldn't resist popping in very quickly to share a fun little giveaway! I didn't plan on this at all. Consider this a last 'hurrah' if you will... I love each and every one of you, and hope you are doing well! Gosh, this is exciting! I've teamed up w/ Four Sigma Foods to bring YOU my very favorite items from those crazy awesome 'shroom-loving guys. In fact, this 'Edible Balance' package includes Beauty herbs which I haven't even tried yet but hear AMAZING things about. This package is worth $145 smackaroonies (yes, I just said that), and contains one box each of: • Instant Shiitake • Instant Maitake • Instant Reishi • Princess Blend • Beauty Blend • Mind Herbs Seriously amazing, amazing ‪herb‬ and ‪‎medicinal mushroom‬ deliciousness. Powerfood at its best. Here's the deal. Click on the photo below, and it will bring you to an uber secret Four Sigma Foods page. There you will enter your email address to sign up for some seriously sweet, informative … read more

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Moving forward…

When I first started this blog, I was in a bit of turmoil. Little did I know that the roller coaster ride was only just beginning and little did I know where it would eventually take me. You may … read more